Slay it in red - Outfit ideas for Valentine’s

What is Valentine’s Day without a bit of red?

Every girl should own something red. It goes great with neutrals like white, black and beige and adds an oomph factor to any outfit. It projects confidence and is a great colour to wear at the workplace (although a lot of it can make you look overdressed and in poor taste).

Here are some ways to don the colour of love for your date this February 14. Let’s learn from the stars.

1. A red skirt

Pair them with a beige, white or black top. Got a white top with black patterns? Even better. Red pencil skirts also make good work wear staple pieces because of the confidence they allude.

2. A red jacket

A red jacket should be a vital piece in any working woman’s wardrobe. Wear it over a full black outfit and it instantly screams competence. For Valentine’s, pair the jacket with a black or white bodycon dress for your formal dinner and you will look sophisticated to the T. They even look good with jeans. Have something more casual in mind? Hello, red bomber jacket!

 3. A red dress

Short, long, lace, sleeveless, off shoulder: the possibilities with the quintessential red dress are endless. They radiate love and romance.

4. A red jumpsuit or a red monochrome look

Okay. Granted that not everyone can carry off a, monochrome jumpsuit or a full red suit. But if you can, you will make all eyes turn. 

5. Red accessories

If you are one of those you would rather keep it down, not go overboard with the red, and still look like you are dressed for Valentine’s, then red accessories are your perfect solution. You can wear a red statement necklace to add variety to any outfit. The same goes for a red handbag or red pumps or both, which is even better.


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